Fibre Optic Cabling

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کتاب : کابل کشی فیبرنوری Fibre Optic Cabling


کتاب : کابل کشی فیبرنوری

Essential reading for anyone involved in fiber optic cable applications, from installation engineers to IT professionals.

Fiber Optic Cabling is a practical guide to all aspects of designing, specifying and installing systems for LANs and other data communications applications. The second edition has been completely revised and updated by Barry Elliott, taking into account the major developments in LAN and transmission technology over the past 10 years. The latest legislation is also dealt with, including standards relating to flammability. Cutting edge topics such as photonic switching, wavelength division multiplexing and plastic fiber, and their implications for the future are also explored.
An international perspective of the subject is taken, with the author looking at all the practical implementations for fiber optic cabling, using American, European and International ISO standards.

Barry Elliott has twenty years experience in the telecommunications business and became one of the first BICSI Registered Cabling Distribution Designers in Europe in 1999. He currently specializes in optical fiber and structured cabling with Brand-Rex Ltd.

In 1991 Mike Gilmore established The Cabling Partnership, a leading cabling design consulting and training organization. Mike is chairman of the UK BSI Premises Cabling Experts Panels and Convenor of the equivalent CENELEC Working Group. Mike also acts as both the Technical and Standards Director of the UK Fibreoptic Industry Association.

Key Features
A practical guide to design and installation of Fiber optic cabling
Provides key information on international standards
Up-to-date discussion of ‘hot topics’ in Fiber optic cabling: MCVD and new termination technologies
Installation companies, consultants, fibre optic manufacturers

Table of Contents

  • Fiber optic communications and the data cabling revolution
  • Optical fiber theory; Optical fiber production techniques
  • Connection theory and basic techniques
  • Practical aspects of connection technology
  • Joins, alternatives and their application
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Optical fiber highways
  • Optical fiber highway design
  • Component choice; Specification agreement
  • Acceptance test methods; Installation practice
  • Final highway acceptance testing; Documentation
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Case Study
  • Future developments
  • Index

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Barry Elliott, Mike Gilmore

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